New technologies that will forever change the look of the car. Photo

"НовыеWhat awaits us in the future.

According to experts, by 2030 electric cars will flood dear all largest cities of Europe and America. By 2040, leading car manufacturers to completely abandon the production and support vehicles on the internal combustion engines. Right now, we witness the advent of the future, and therefore speech and goes about the technologies that will forever change the auto industry and transportation.

1. Motors


Creating a motor with high performance is not much of an achievement. More importantly, in recent years scientists have made great contribution to the development of batteries and continue to work in this field. Who even 10 years ago, could not believe that in 2017, their own electric cars will start to release all the leading automakers? However, now everything is reality.

2. Hybrid engines


Hybrid engines the designers have been interested in for a long time. The first hybrid car Lohner-Porsche was created in 1901, however, a major development in this area started only in the mid-twentieth century. A car that uses two engines, one of which is the motor, actively began to appear only in the last two decades. These developments have helped to prove that electric cars consumer – reality.

3. Hydrogen fuel cells


Cars powered hydrogen fuel cells, are not caused by less interest of designers than electric cars. Such machines today is really made. The greatest success in the field made up of Toyota, Honda and Hyundai. By the way, Toyota has even created the first cargo van on hydrogen. In the first full-flight machine will be released in October 2017.

4. “Unmanned” cars


The popularization of cars that do not require drivers, is principally engaged in the team Tesla. However, in recent years, more and more manufacturers showing interest in “smart” technologies for cars. There have been some successes. Designers are already able to create system-helpers, is able to assess the situation on the roadway, to make decisions and drive the vehicle. However, of the full replacement of the human driver is not yet mentioned. Yet.

5. Flying taxi


In the sky people torn since the dawn of its history. What can be surprising is that the entire history of the auto industry tried to create a flying car? The most significant attempt in this field was undertaken in the second half of the twentieth century. Today, the interest of individual flying vehicles is returned. Modern technology, for the first time in a long time, allows engineers to create a really working and quite effective prototypes.

6. Conceptual transport


In the last decade made the most radical attempts to rethink the design and construction of cars. There is a lot of interesting concepts, such as modular machines, which the body can rebuild the motorist, thereby changing the class of your car. Of course, most concepts will remain on paper, but some interesting ideas are on the consumer market.

7. Interactive road


Changing not only the vision of the car of the future, but also ways in which it goes. Improvement of the road surface is only a superficial minuscule. Today there are samples of the road passes through a moisture, road from super durable plastic, as well as roads with “smart” layout projected using LED lighting on the surface of the asphalt and reacting to what is happening around.

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