Amazing wedding dresses in the style of Disney. Photo

"ВосхитительныеAn unusual collection of wedding dresses.

What girl at least occasionally and in secret does not dream to feel like a Princess? It is not surprising that the reason “to break into the fairy tale” on a full getting your own wedding. And let the groom not happy with the role of the Prince, and parents are asked to moderate the appetite, the day beauties can’t stop. And to make the wedding finally will help fabulous designer dresses created based on the famous cartoons Disney. The real fairy-tale.


All princesses in the collection

Cartoons Disney warm the hearts of the dream of Prince charming is already not the first generation girls. But only the Japanese with their love of all things cartoon and minimise could make the dream come true. Japanese brand Kuraudia Co didn’t even bother to buy the official disney license. But all in order to prepare the most magical collection of wedding dresses. Only for true princesses.


Wedding collection Kuraudia Co and Disney: Snow white dress


Wedding collection Kuraudia Co and Disney: Cinderella’s dress

Collection of cartoon wedding dresses from Kuraudia Co have not had time to go on sale, as immediately became an Internet sensation. Girls from all over the world saw with delight promo photos of the first of the 14 outfits 6 of the most beloved disney princesses. Have you ever wondered what dress would choose the little Mermaid or what walked down the aisle Cinderella? The Japanese designers have the answer.


Wedding collection Kuraudia Co and Disney: dress Sleeping beauty Aurora


Wedding collection Kuraudia Co and Disney: Rapunzel dress

According to preliminary data, the dresses turned out not cheap: the average cost of Princess dress up will be about 3 $ 600. And set can and a Tux for the groom to pick up. He, incidentally, will cost much more modest, “only” $ 900. But not princes in fairy tales the main things, right?


Dress beauty Belle. And for the “Monster” can and Tux any to buy

The only “but” already saddens many fans of the collection: while the dress will go on sale exclusively in Japan. But something tells us that savvy sellers and master of all trades with Aliexpress not asleep. And soon the world will see much more affordable counterparts with delivery around the world.

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